Drawing a crowd for your special event, we can draw caricatures of the guests at no charge to them, compliments of the host, on a per hourly rate basis. Depending on the needs of your particular event, the various types of drawings we do are shown below for you to choose from...

Basic Black & White
For black & white work, I draw a cartoon portrait of the face. I use markers for the line drawings and then add black pastel for the finishing touches. These take an average of 5-8 minutes per person. For speed considerations, I can draw a 3-6 minute basic black & white line drawing. These are without the subject's name or the addition of pastel, depending upon the needs of the client. The basic black & white is the most requested type of drawing I do, perfect for large and small events!

Black & White Hobbies
For a slightly additional charge, I can draw customized hobbies. The addition of hobbies takes a little longer, with an average time of 8-12 minutes per person. I can provide "hobbies charts" for the guests to choose from while they wait and can customize their requests. This works well for smaller groups or teenagers.

Full Color Caricatures
For smaller groups, I can draw deluxe full color caricatures. My average speed is 6-10 full color drawings per hour. Color is a consideration for the guests who want the best! I do charge more for full color, but it's worth it! Color creates a 3-dimensionality and has more of an overall portrait look to the caricature. I utilize wax pastels for the color work, to achieve a smooth, permanent finish without the chalk residue.

Finishing Touches
For all of my drawings, I use a medium textured 80 lb. paper with a slight texture, for versatility with color and black & white work. I trim the drawings down to 12 x 18" from the easel, a standard size ready to frame.

If requested, themed paper is also available. I have available upon request, 16x20" Black Mattes for framing (acid-free) and 12x16" simple black wood frames with glass & backing, as well as travel tubes. For an additional charge, I can bring framing mattes for the pictures. There are price breaks with bulk orders of additional merchandise.

Additional Artists
I can arrange for several additional professional artists to draw for larger events or events where there may be limited time. The benefits to hiring more than one artist are clear. More guests can get drawn in the same time frame. Having multiple artists gives the guests the option of selecting a certain artist to draw them, as every artist has their own unique style. One artist working alone at a larger event can get overwhelmed, with another artist there, they are able to help each other with neither feeling quite so swamped. I have work examples from each artist I can provide upon request. Each artist has been carefully screened by me for quality of work, professionalism, personality, and reliability.

Have Easel Will Travel
In addition to San Diego, I'll draw for the entire Southern California region, including LA, Orange County, and Palm Springs, with an additional charge for mileage. I have been known to travel as far as Hawaii to draw a crowd. If your event is outside of California, I may be available to draw for you! Have easel, will travel is my motto!!

Office Caricatures
I can show up to the office to draw everyone! This is good for company morale to bring an artist to the work site because everyone gets to poke fun of the boss! The presence of an artist brings a light hearted spirit and camraderie between workers and people get to joke around and make fun of themselves.

SDSU Chocolate Festival

Mail Order Caricatures
I can draw your subject from photos sent via email or regular mail. Please send more than one photo of the subject to be caricatured, so I can do a composite from different angles of the same subject. Believe it or not, working from photos is more difficult than working from life! The more detailed the photos, the better the likeness!


Customized Caricatures
This type of artwork is more involved and customized to your direct specifications. The artwork is created in the studio under a certain deadline and is known in the field as illustration. These drawings do include more detailed results than a quick sketch type of drawing, so the price is higher and is determined on a per job basis. Examples include: favorite celebrities, magazine or news illustations, book covers, album covers, special invitations, gifts, homemade BBQ sauce labels, logos, brochures, signage, etc. From concept to completion, I can create a customized caricature just for you in a variety of media. Imagine the possibilities!

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