I was born in La Jolla, California and have lived in California my whole life. I first started drawing when I was 4 years old and haven't stopped. In 1994, I recieved a Bachelor's degree in Visual Art, Studio Emphasis, at the University of California, at San Diego (UCSD), Warren College, taking a variety of studio art classes, including: sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, as well as art history and art theory. Minors were in Scientific Perspectives and Sociology. To further my study of art, I did an internship at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. I did a second internship at a non-profit art organization called Sushi, a visual and performing arts gallery. Getting involved in student organizations and illustrating for several student newspapers completed the picture. The combination of academic and extracurricular activities brought together the liberal arts education of my dreams.

In the Beginning
I started out in portraiture before ever venturing into caricature. My style of drawing caricatures is a blend of straight portraiture and goofy caricature. The emphasis I have chosen in this art form is being an entertainer. I specialize in drawing live caricatures and bringing smiles. I love to talk & draw...

Draw the Crowd
I draw for special events throughout San Diego County and have been drawing professionally since 1986. I am personable and enjoy this work! Every event is a unique situation and every face presents new challeges. Although I have been drawing for many years, my artwork is continuing to evolve and grow. Caricature is an endlessly fascinating form of expression. I find inspiration studying the masters in the tradition of drawing and caricature, continuing to find challenges for myself and opportunities to grow as an artist. For a drawing workout, I take drawing classes throughout the year working from live models, including: portaiture, quick sketch boot camp, and life drawing. My favorite instructor is Ken Goldman from the Athenaeum in La Jolla, California.



The National Caricaturist Network
I am a professional member of the "National Caricaturist Network" and have been a member since the organization began in 1992. I have contributed articles on my various experience to the quarterly NCN newsletter "Exaggerated Features." The dynamic members of this organization have helped influence my growth as an artist more than any one individual artist. Every year, I look forward to the annual NCN conventions, as an excuse to travel and to keep inspired. I learn different twists on the medium of caricature by attending seminars from respected national professionals in the field of caricature. The NCN has benefitted my growth as much actual drawing. All the members benefit by networking and sharing our collective wisdom.

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